Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Steelers Draft

The NFL draft is only about a month and a half away now and i wanna know what you guys think about the Steelers needs. If you ask me I think the biggest need for the Steelers is the corner back position. I think that the Steelers should get a corner in the first round but the Steelers pick at #31. Picking at 31% does not help the Steelers much. in the later rounds I think that the Pittsburgh Steelers need to get a defensive lineman. what do you think that the steelers should do in this upcoming draft? comment below please.


  1. Great Blog Kalani, don't know much about sports in US, but did watch the Super Bowl Love Kathie otherwise known as 'G'

  2. Hey Kalani! I think perhaps you have an amazing future ahead of you in the sports arena!! I don't know too much about the NFL but am sure you are gonna teach us all something! Keep it going - its awesome!
    Lisa NZ

  3. Hi big man. Great blog, so proud of you.
    Why didn't the steelers win? I am sure you will become a great advisor in time. I will follow with great interest.

  4. tina Lea Napier New ZealandMarch 2, 2011 at 8:15 PM

    Hi Kalani,
    I know nothing of USA football, but know a lot about rugby... but will be reading your blog to learn.
    plus will also keep an eye open for you as a future sports caster.

  5. Kalani this is great what you are doing and what you know about sports this will really help you get into sports when your older if that is what you choose but keep this blog going and it will great.
    you sure will be the great source of sports news.