Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stanley Cup in Sight!

The penguins are in contention for the number one seed in the eastern conference standings. A few weeks back people were saying the penguins might get to the first or second round but now with the news that (center) Sydney Crosby is doing extensive work outs leads me to think that the penguins can do more than a second round appearance in the upcoming playoffs. If Crosby comes back I don't see why the penguins can't win the Stanley Cup. 
With players like Kunitz Kennedy and Neal lighting it up and Crosby on the verge of coming back the penguins should be the favorite to win the cup.  
Think about it? If Crosby comes back (it is looking like he will) what are the penguins missing to make a run at winning. They have great defense, a great goal tender,and scoring ability. Just think about the potential that the penguins will have with Crosby. Give me your thoughts and comment below.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Steelers Draft

The NFL draft is only about a month and a half away now and i wanna know what you guys think about the Steelers needs. If you ask me I think the biggest need for the Steelers is the corner back position. I think that the Steelers should get a corner in the first round but the Steelers pick at #31. Picking at 31% does not help the Steelers much. in the later rounds I think that the Pittsburgh Steelers need to get a defensive lineman. what do you think that the steelers should do in this upcoming draft? comment below please.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Penguins New Wingers

The Penguins are having a hard time at the moment with scoring goals but the last few moves that Ray Shero made should start to help that. With the addition of Alex Kovalev the Penguins add a new dimension  to their power play. Kovalev is not the same player that was here in the early 2000s but he is still an effective goal scorer and could help the Penguins in the long run. The best part about this trade is the Penguins only gave up a 7th round pick (will turn into 6th round pick if Penguins make it past first round of the playoffs and Kovalev plays at least 50% of the games).
The other winger the Pens acquired was James Neil from the Stars. Neil is a young talented winger with a lot  of upside. The best part about this trade is that Neil is not a rental player. The Penguins plan to hold on to Neil for a long time. Neil is a similar player to Mike Richards of the Flyers, in that,  he can do it all.